We Love Woolbabe + GIVEAWAY

One of the questions you get asked over and over as a new mum is “how’s she sleeping?”. I really really hate this question because all babies are different, and how do you define what… View Post

My Body After Baby – Waist Down

Pregnant Belly before and after comparison
It’s been 11 weeks since Stella came into our world, and I feel like my body has settled into its new post-partum reality. It’s definitely a new body, one I am having to adjust to… View Post

Mum Blogging

Mum Blogging
I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog A LOT. While I’m not saying my marathon days are completely over over, for now, they are definitely on the shelf. A pretty high up shelf.… View Post

My Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity Photo Shoot
Throughout my pregnancy, I took weekly photos (which I used in my weekly recap posts on the blog) – but I also wanted to have some nicer shots of what I looked like when I… View Post

Stella’s Birth Story

Stella's BIrth Story
I feel like I need to pre-empt this post with a bit of a warning – but a warning of what, I’m not exactly sure. Basically, if you are squeamish or don’t want to know… View Post

Forty One Weeks Pregnant

Forty One Weeks Pregnant
If you haven’t caught up, Stella arrived on January 13th. Here’s a look back at my final week of pregnancy… 11 January Honestly, I thought I would have a baby by now. Having done EVERYTHING… View Post

Introducing Stella

Stella Topp
Introducing…Stella Iris Leah Topp, born at 11.15pm on Friday 13th January (yup, 9 days late), weighing 4.050kg (8lb 9) and 55cm long. We decided we would name her Stella after we found out she was… View Post

Forty Weeks Pregnant

Forty Weeks Pregnant
4 January Happy Due Date to me! And yes…it’s arrived without any baby movements at all. Since we hit the 39 week mark we have been taking things day by day, making sure we get… View Post