Goodnest Review + $25 credit!

Goodnest Review

A few weeks ago, the wonderful people at Goodnest sent a cleaner over to my house to help me “reset”. They had heard my cries about life with a baby, and how my wee house was an absolute tip because – on top of mum-life, working, and feeding my family- I may have let the cleaning slide a tad and it was all getting on top of me. I needed a good old reset – and Goodnest came to the rescue!

Goodnest Review

Goodnest is an online marketplace that quickly links people seeking home services with local professionals – it’s an easy way to find electricians, plumbers, handymen, cleaners – all for a highly competitive, hourly price. All professionals have gone through background checks, and the website takes the stress out of trying to find someone to do the household job. You can book and pay all through the secure platform.

The wonderful WONDERFUL cleaning fairy Chrystal turned up at my door and waved me away, telling me to go and enjoy myself for a couple of hours. I really liked that Goodnest had connected me with a local cleaner, and even better – Chrystal was a mum herself, and so hiring her was helping to support her family too.

I returned home a few hours later and my house was absolutely spotless. Chrystal had cleaned things I didn’t even know needed cleaning, or never would have gotten to myself in the few minutes I have spare. I couldn’t rave about the service enough – and I could immediately feel the weight and stress of cleaning lifted off my shoulders. Amazing how a clean house can make you so happy…in fact, I immediately sent my husband THIS article about why getting a cleaner is the secret to domestic bliss.

Outsourcing the jobs that I don’t get time to do during the week, means we don’t spend our precious spare time on the weekends cleaning (or, more like it, me nagging Jase to clean) and spend more time as a family. Plus, for mums like Chrystal – who love cleaning and are GOOD at it – it’s a great income earner for them too. It’s win-win really.

Goodnest Review

I was so impressed by Goodnest that I decided to try them out for another service. The platform offers a way of linking you with trusted professionals – cleaners, plumbers, handymen, electricians, gardeners, house washers and more. I’d recently decided to completely rewire all the light fittings in our house as I was sick of the dim and flickering lights – so I quickly and easily booked an electrician via the online site.

I was emailed with the details of my electrician, and my booking was confirmed for a few days time. It was great to be able to get someone in so quickly!

Unfortunately, I did find this part of the process a bit clunky -I actually called the Goodnest helpline at this point as I was so confused – would the electrician quote me from what I had submitted online? It turned out that no, I had to then call the electrician and tell him what I wanted to be done. I wanted a quote for his work before he arrived – Goodnest charges a “call out fee” so I didn’t want to have to pay this twice (once for him to come and do a quote, and then again for him to come and do the work).

I don’t think he quite understood the full scope of the job as even after I sent an email with photos, as he quoted me only 4 hours of work. When he arrived, he then re-quoted once he had looked around, saying it would be more like 6 hours of work. In the end, he had to come back to our house on four different occasions, spending over 16 hours (he only charged me for 11 though). He also didn’t bring all the hardware with him (he asked me to go and purchase switches), and then I wasn’t entirely happy with a couple of things (lights still flicking! A powerpoint put in the wrong place!) but by this point I was so OVER having a tradie in my house (rather stressful when they stay until 7pm at night and your baby hasn’t napped and it’s interrupting everyone’s dinner, bath and bed routine) that I ended up getting my father-in-law to fix the powerpoint, and I’m going to have to get ANOTHER electrician in to fix the flicking lights.

On the whole, he did do a very good and thorough job. I LOVE the new lights throughout our house, the outdoor security light finally works, we have a new heated towel rail in the bathroom, and finally are able to plug in a panel heater in Stella’s room. However, I didn’t really see the benefit of booking through Goodnest (especially for a complex job like this) versus finding a local electrician who would have come over, understood the job completely, provided me with a quote for free, brought all the hardware needed with him – and then completed the work it’s entirety.

So – my verdict?

Goodnest Review

Goodnest was great for small jobs, and for connecting me with local services. However for a larger job I probably would go off personal recommendations. I’ll definitely be using it again for cleaning services – I love that they use Ecostore products too!

If you want to try out Goodnest for yourself – click this link and both of us will receive $25 in credit – It’s a great head start to getting that cleaner in. For all your FAQs about Goodnest, click here.

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