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In case you missed the memo (and the gazillion facebook photos, tweets and instaspam) IT SNOWED IN LONDON IN THE WEEKEND. Omg right?!

While many were gloating about working from home on snow days, and others were planning what accessories to adorn their soon-to-be-made snowmen – I was wondering if I was completely crazy, or just totally Hardcore… Man.

Because on Saturday morning, I was up early to meet The Moose (aka Nick) from MOOSE X Training, and my friend and fellow blogger Laura for a training session at Primrose Hill. Outdoors. In the snow.

Primrose Hill

Told ya I was talking Hardcore.

Luckily, when I hauled myself out of bed, the snow wasn’t actually falling from the sky, there was just a good dumping on the ground. I layered up with an Icebreaker tank and longsleeve, and paired it with my Lululemon brushed wunder unders (leggings) and a run jacket. I wore Icebreaker bike socks (which are slightly higher than your ankle cut socks) so there wasn’t any skin showing, and instead of my usual Nike’s, I popped on my Adidas trail shoes which I usually use for hiking/tramping. I then spent 20minutes turning my room upside down looking for my run gloves – which, alas, seem to have taken a walk (or a run – ha!) somewhere. Luckily – my run jacket has amazing mitts built in.

Cold hands warm heart

Cold hands, warm heart. Nawwww

I power walked/ ran my way to Primrose Hill, which got the blood pumping, before finding The Moose and Laura. After a quick chat about our background and fitness levels – it was time to get MOOSED. This was my first time working with a PT outside of the gym – so I was wondering what we were in for…

Moose X Training

We got straight into it – running short distances followed by squats, lunges and squat jumps. Oh, and more squats. My thighs were screaming – and we were still at the warm up stage.

The Moose came prepared – we boxed with gloves and pads, planked (and planked and then side planked some more) on a yoga mat, bicep curled with a cable, and squatted some more with a kettlebell. All of this was interspersed with more running around the park.

I owned up pretty quickly to The Moose – this was my first session of exercise (ANY exercise) in a month. Being down with the megadeathcold for nearly 3 weeks had left me weak and wheezing a bit from the cold air and the running.  I was determined to do it, no matter how slow I was, or however many blow-my-nose breaks I needed in order to keep breathing.

Training with The Moose

The Moose was great – he regularly checked in to see how we were feeling (on a scale of 1 – 10), how hard we felt we were working and being worked, and he gave me adequate rest times to catch my breath and encouraged me to try and breathe through my nose rather than the (slightly awkward) wheezing that was coming out of my mouth.

The 45min sessions passed quickly (I only thought “are we nearly there yet” once) and we finished up with some crunches (hooray) and stretches.

I loved training with The Moose – he was fun, friendly and kept us moving the whole time. He had loads of experience and knowledge and tailored our session in order to challenge both of us (and give me wheeze breaks!). It was really fun being able to work out with a friend, and being outdoors was fab. I’d love to add in regular sessions to my schedule!

Laura, The Moose and I

Despite it being cold and wet(ish), I did really enjoy working out in the snow – I warmed up quickly and my clothing performed the way it was meant to – wicking and keeping me dry – rather than cold and clammy. There were plenty of people out & about (many of them sledding down the hill!) and being out in amongst the snow at 9am on a Saturday made me feel pretty darn good and …well…Hardcore.

Training with THE MOOSE

There’s a lot of Lululemon going on in this photo – can you tell we are a Canadian & and a wannabe…

If you fancy a bit of personal training with a fun, friendly and fabulous way of doing things – then I would highly recommend Moose X Training. The great thing is – you can book online, and pay by credit card – which takes the hassle out of it. Knowing what time slots are available to book while sitting at my desk is a win for me! The Moose will train you at home, office, or in one of their outdoor locations which include parks across London.

The Moose also offers group training – with sessions organised in a circuit training format, as well as focused sessions like Box with the Moose and Run with the Moose.

As a special treat to you London girls – The Moose is giving you 15% off every type of training session they offer! Just use the discount code MOOSELUVSLEAH on the website (valid until 28th Feb 2013).

You can also find The Moose on Facebook or twitter @moosextraining.

Have you trained with The Moose? Or outdoors with a PT before?


    • Leah January 24, 2013 / 4:49 pm

      The snow definitely made it more fun! I can’t wait to try out some of the group training sessions in the park, especially when it gets warmer!

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