Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

24 August

Hypnobirthing was awesome this week – we did a fear release. What that means is that Jason and I spent time together prior to the class thinking about anything we had concerns, anxieties, worries or fears about – we talked about them together and wrote them down. During the class the teacher read a deep relaxation script that then acknowledged and released those fears for us. It was a really valuable exercise, except that I fell asleep during the deep relaxation! I don’t remember a thing of it, but apparently my subconscious was listening and taking it on board and I will be sweet. Haha, I then started developing a bit of a fear that the fear release didn’t work because I was too relaxed! We have our last class tonight and I am going to be sad that it’s over – now comes the hard part, making sure we practice practice practice every week!

Oh Baby Magazine

This week was also THE BABY SHOW, which was all kinds of heaven and hell! Heaven in terms of the huge discounts that were available and the relief I felt at finally crossing some big purchases off my list, and hell because WHY would you ever think of bringing your kids to something so crowded and busy? I was constantly ankle rammed by buggies and pushchairs, and elbowed in the stomach by pushy mothers protecting their baby-sling wrapped little ones. I lasted 3 hours before I was hot, needed to pee, needed to sit down, needed some food, and was well and truly over it. Thanks to Shannon, Sarah and Michelle for being my sane shoppers in crime!

There has been some serious movement this week, the flutters and rolls have become very strong, and finally last night I was able to feel full on kicks and punches from the outside. Jase still reckons he can’t feel her yet (big thick man hands) but after a very sleepless night (she was awake and active from 2am – 5am) I am convinced that little lady is being a total badass ninja in there. It’s very very odd!

Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

After a couple of cancelled appointments, we were able to see our midwife last night and it was awesome to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. She was moving around a lot so the heartbeat faded in and out, and the midwife said she even saw a kick from the outside (she knows where/what to look for). We went through the results of my scan and everything babywise is awesome, she’s a perfect healthy little thing. Right now it’s mum causing more issues though – apparently where the placenta has chosen to lie is low down in the uterus, and in order to birth at Helensville or Waitakere Hospital it needs to move 5cm up. It’s likely to do this in the next 10-15 weeks so no need to be concerned, but they have to let me know now that there is a risk it may not move and I might have to look at alternatives. I can’t really worry about it as it’s nothing I have control over – but I will be using all my awesome visualization techniques to picture it lifting and shifting!

I’ve also been given my form to book in for my gestational diabetes test in a few weeks’ time, can’t say I am looking forward to that.


Weekly Check-in

How far along? 21w – the size of a pomegranate (huh? I thought we had that one already? Maybe this is a new BIGGER pomegranate variety?), a carrot, an endive and a banana (again). This week they start measuring baby from head to toe (previously it was head to bum) and she is around 27.5cm, and 360grams.

Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

How do I feel – body: I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable with my bump getting in the way a lot more. I knelt down on the floor to look under the fridge one day – and couldn’t get back up, so Jase had to give me his hand. I can’t seem to get comfortable sitting on the couch either, even with about 10 cushions propping me up, and when I go to get up its pretty much belly flopping off it, or doing a three-shunt-to-the-edge-and-push movement. I’ve asked my parents to borrow their swiss ball, as I think that might be the way to go from now on – either that or I am going to have to move my feeding chair into the lounge.

Food cravings: Apart from the lack of meat/ vegetable desire, I think I am back to normal food wise. Two things that I have really craved (but have resisted) are Le Snak (you know the crackers & fake cheese dip stuff?) and those fruit in jelly tubs. Every time I walk past them in the supermarket I have to restrain myself from grabbing them!

Symptoms: The back pain that has never gone away intensified into a whole new symptom this week. Pubic bone pain. It feels like someone has kneed me in the nads (except I don’t have any nads) and my whole pubic bone area is heavy and pulling and feels bruised. It hurts to sit at my desk at work and it hurts to stand so I can’t really win. I am hoping it’s just all the stretching of ligaments and expansion of bones that is happening down there – but to be safe I have finally bitten the bullet and booked an osteopath appointment for next week. Apparently if things are out of line now, they are gonna be out of line in the future so may as well try and get it sussed soon. Did I mention how awesome pregnancy can be?

Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

Exercise: My fab yoga class (although I feel weird calling it “yoga” because we do stuff like extended childs pose to learn where the baby should ideally be sitting (back to your tummy, rather than back to your spine), and pelvic alignment). I also hit up the gym a few times too – I am loving my wee workouts!

Best moment this week: nabbing some bargains at The Baby Show, and hearing little lady’s heartbeat last night.

Looking forward to: My osteopath appointment and hopefully some hip/ back/ pelvic relief.

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