Ten Weeks Pregnant

Ten Weeks Pregnant

8 June

I saw my midwife last night and instead of the smooth first visit I envisaged, I was hit with another spanner in the works. My lovely midwife, who I had spent a long time finding and selecting (read about it in my week 8 post here), informed me that she was moving practices. In theory it would be fine for me to go with her to the new practice. However it also meant that she would have a new backup midwife. The backup is the person who is scheduled on during my midwife’s weekends or time’s off, or if she is caught up in another labour, or away on holiday (and I knew mine was going away mid-Jan already). This wouldn’t have been a problem except that the new backup could only birth at Waitakere Hospital – somewhere I am keen to avoid if possible. It meant that there would now be risks around “my options” – something I was fiercely trying to protect. I felt my heart sink and I got a little panicked – the thought of finding a new midwife (after so much trouble) filled me with just as much fear as the thought of ONLY having the hospital as my one option.

I asked about the current backup midwife’s January availability. She was just finishing with a client so we were able to speak to her, and she confirmed she had space to take on one more woman for January (due to another client sadly miscarrying). She will be able to birth at multiple places, which was a huge relief. So – we have now re-scheduled (for a third time) an appointment to meet her. Talk about being shipped around the traps! I feel a little like the control has been taken out of my hands, but I am sure she will be lovely and everything will work out fine. It’s a big decision to make, you are putting a lot of trust in someone – but I guess with a January babe you don’t get to be picky!

10 Weeks Pregnant

In our 10th week we had a few other highlights. The major one being sharing the news with Jase’s family, and face to face with some of our friends in Wellington.

Our flight down to Wellington was delayed and then delayed some more, so by the time we finally made it home it was 10.30pm – way way WAY past my bedtime! We decided we couldn’t save the news to the morning, so as soon as we arrived at the house Jason went on a sleuth mission to find the baby outfit of his that he remembered being in his wardrobe. Except it wasn’t in there, or in his sisters wardrobe – so imagine him commando crawling into his parent’s room (so they didn’t catch him) and eventually finding it in their wardrobe. He stuffed the outfit into a gift bag (which, when I saw it…really was NOT a baby outfit, more like a 3 year olds suit!). It had been Jase’s mum’s birthday during the week, so we gave her a proper present, and then Jase said “and here’s a second present”. He had planned to say “this is just one half, Leah will deliver the other half in January” but before he could even get the words out, and before his mum even pulled the outfit out of the bag she looked straight at me and said “are you having a baby?!”. Both of us were speechless, how did she know?! Jase’s dad said he had been thinking we might have that exact news for them this weekend – so it seems that a lot of people have known this was coming before we even did! (or maybe it’s just because we are at the age and stage where it’s no longer much of a surprise).

On Saturday we had some of our close Wellington friends over for dinner and we shared the news with them – most of them were surprised to learn I was wearing maternity jeans and actually drinking sparkling grape juice and NOT champagne! On the Sunday it was a big extended Topp family dinner so we were able to let them know a new little Topp would be arriving soon. Jase’s nana gave me some sage nana advice – “don’t bother screaming when the baby comes dear, it just sucks it up back inside you. You need to grunt like a pig, grunt grunt grunt”. Thanks nana!

Wellington Walk

One thing I learnt over the weekend is how much extra rest I really do need. I find that I am using so much energy just getting through the work week that the last few weekends I have really crashed – spending almost half of each day lying down, napping or in bed. With such a busy weekend, and not much time for naps or resting – by Monday I was exhausted. This exhaustion didn’t set me up well for the week ahead AT ALL, so I need to really dial it back this weekend to try and catch up again.

Weekly Check-in:

How far along? 10w – the size of a kumquat (I don’t even know what that is), a prune or a strawberry

Pregnancy Jeans

How do I feel – body: After spending the day in jeans which absolutely cut me in half on Friday, I was so thankful when a friend lent me a pair of maternity jeans. Those things were like absolute bliss – and so I immediately ordered a pair and some trousers online. I can’t wait for them to arrive! I feel a lot more out of breath these days too – climbing a set of stairs has me puffing! I am also just so so so tired.

Food cravings: Thankfully the garlic bread finally subsided on Saturday night – I only managed one slice before I didn’t want any more. The latest craving hasn’t yet shown its head which is good – although I have been thinking about egg sandwiches for a few days.

Symptoms: Still food apathy, and heightened sense of smell. Extra exhaustion this week (self-inflicted!). I also have had KILLER sciatic back pain for about 10 days – so I saw a physio this week. She was excellent, instead of manipulating me while I was lying on my stomach (a no-no/ uncomfortable position for me now) she taught me things I can do myself to ease the back pain. So far so good.

Exercise: I got a Fitbit this week, and am challenging myself to hit 10,000 steps a day. Most days I am managing it with walking to/from work from our carpark, and a few laps around the park at lunch time. On Saturday we went on a 5km walk along the Hutt River Trail, after which I needed a 2 hour nap. And then on Sunday I really blitzed it (and myself) by doing a 10km hike – however I really paid for this later on that afternoon (and a few days afterwards) as it completely wiped me out.

Escarpment Track

Walking the 10km Escarpment Track

I’ve been googling a few at-home exercise programs that I can do, and hope to give those a go this coming week if my energy returns (I’m holding out no hope though). After my extreme DOMS last week (just from a few sets of weighted squats and lunges) I have really realized how much I need to dial it back – low weights, shorter reps, longer rests.

Emotions: On quite a high now that we are telling people more widely, but starting to get nervous and anxious for the 12w scan. I just desperately want to see that everything is ok with our little sprout.

Best moment this week: Telling Jase’s parents, wider family, and our friends in Wellington

Looking forward to: Having a VERY quiet weekend this weekend to try and recover. I have never felt so bone dead tired in my entire life!


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