Mum Blogging part two

Honestly – the words are in my head…but the mum blogging isn’t happening quite like I planned. The blog post topics constantly come into my brain in the strangest places – in the shower, while in the supermarket, while changing a nappy. I think “yes! That would make a great blog post. I have to write about that”…and then, opening my laptop, sitting down and typing – well, it just doesn’t happen.

Leah and Stella

Life is crazy-busy with a baby. In the crazy-busy-I-don’t-even-know-what-I-did-today kind of way. I get up, do the baby thing with Stella, and suddenly it’s the end of the day. Somehow I am managing to fit a little bit of paid work in, a little bit of dinner prep in, a little bit of cleaning in (ok, who am I kidding…my house is a pigsty) – there’s a whole bunch of balls in the air, and the one I have majorly dropped is this blog.

Right now – I have typed 7 lines. And there goes the monitor – Stella is awake! So I’ll have to cut my rambling and get to the point. The point being:  Blogging – I want to do it, but finding the time is hard right now.

(I wrote the above, and then four whole days passed before I manage to get back to this…)

Leah and Stella

While I haven’t been writing a lot, I certainly have been reading lots of blogs (middle of the night feeding sessions are great for catching up!) and there’s been a few that have really resonated with me (especially as part of this pregnancy/mum journey), and I wanted to share.

  • Kendel at Little Misadventures post about Blogging with a Baby had me nodding along. She pretty much wrote what I wanted to say! Her little guy is the cutest too, and I’m impressed she managed to get a full blog post down without him losing it! Read her post here. 
  • Ashley from A Healthy Happier Life gave birth to her lovely wee girl two weeks ago and wrote a post reflecting on her first week as a new mum. It brought ALL the feels back to me and made me remember how precious that time was when Stella arrived. It truly is the biggest learning curve and filled with so many emotions – read Ashley’s honest blog post here.

Sometimes I really feel like I failed at being pregnant. When I first saw that positive test I remember thinking I was going to have the fittest and healthiest pregnancy…because I was a fit and healthy person! I was excited to continue exercising throughout because that’s what fit and healthy people do! Unfortunately, my body had other ideas, with SPD and then Gestational Diabetes really affecting me. I really pulled back from Instagram and other social media at this time because #fitpregnancy seemed to be a bragging point that I couldn’t partake in anymore. Looking back – I actually did a LOT of exercise, as much as my body (and mind) would allow – while I stopped running early on, I walked up and down a huge steep hill every single day (until 34weeks), I went to yoga (until 20w) and then pregnancy yoga, I went to a women’s gym throughout my second trimester (adjusting what I could do once SPD reared its head), and I went to an AquaBumps class in my third trimester (which felt amazing to take the weight off).

  • Jess at Twins in Trainers recently had a baby and wrote this fantastic post about exercising and running while pregnant. I wish I had read something like this a year ago, I think it would have made me feel a lot better about following my own version of #fitpregnancy! Have a read of her blog post here. 
  • Further to this, I really REALLY enjoyed Laura at Lazy Girl Running’s series about exercise during and after pregnancy. It made me realise that everyone is so incredibly different – and it helped reading that Erin, runner and founder of Jasyoga, gave up running in the first trimester too. Read Laura’s series here:
    Exercise during and after pregnancy: the runner
    Exercise during and after pregnancy: the swimmer
    Exercise during and after pregnancy: the triathlete
    Exercise during and after pregnancy: the yoga teacher 

    Leah and Stella

  • If I was still living in London when I fell pregnant, I know I would have been trying out lots of pregnancy yoga classes. I really miss the diversity that the city offered (options are a wee bit more limited here in Auckland!). Luckily Laura from Life Laura London wrote a post about the various pregnancy yoga offerings that she tried out. Check out her reviews here. 
  • Whitney is a mum-blogger at Champagne and Chores, based in the beautiful Queenstown – and I love her refreshing views on her new mum life. Her recent post about accepting her HOT postpartum mum-bod was bloody awesome, and I am taking a lot of what she wrote about to heart. We have our first overseas trip as a family coming up in October (Thailand!) and I am going to take some of what she is having and rock my new body in a swimsuit too. It might be a one piece as that’s what I’ll be more comfortable in, but my body made a freakin gorgeous little human, so who cares about a few tiger stripes and a bit of a tummy! Thanks Whitney for keeping it real and empowering us yummy mummy’s!

What blog posts have you read recently and enjoyed?


  1. Ash Diamond July 7, 2017 / 8:25 am

    Aww these pictures are SO adorable! She looks SO happy Leah! I’m so glad you’re blogging and hope you’ll continue to do what you can, when you can! Thanks for including me!

  2. Kendel July 9, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Hahaha you think I managed to write that post in one day 😉 I guess that shows that my writing has continuity at least. I can relate to what you wrote as well! My blogging started going downhill when I was pregnant and having complications. Pregnancy is HARD. Blogging made it so, so much harder. I think you absolutely kicked pregnancy’s ass!
    Kendel recently posted..French Fries, Five Guys & FailingMy Profile

  3. Paul July 11, 2017 / 5:43 am

    Such a happy smiley babe! Very cute Leah!

  4. Amy July 12, 2017 / 1:34 am

    So cute! I follow Laura at Lazy Girl Running, she’s awesome.

  5. Anna @AnnaTheApple July 19, 2017 / 12:40 am

    I honestly don’t know how you superstar mums manage to function in daily life while raising a little one. You’re all awesome!

  6. Bronnie August 7, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Don’t beat yourself up! You’re doing awesome! Keeping little Stella alive is work enough! The blogging will come back into full swing when you have the routine nailed and she’s a little bit older to be able to entertain herself. The exercise too! I think we all have big dreams of being extremely healthy throughout pregnancy!! I’ve told Phil I will use it as a full on detox session for 9 months – he’s already rolling his eyes – I’ll be on the jam donuts on day one.

    You’re doing awesome – keep smiling and keep moving xx
    Bronnie recently posted..Working for yourself. What is required?My Profile

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