Friday Five – Hello Again!

I could start this post with half a page of explanation as to where I have been and why I haven’t been blogging – but I won’t. That’s a mixed story with plenty of reasons,… View Post

Goodnest Review + $25 credit!

Goodnest Review
A few weeks ago, the wonderful people at Goodnest sent a cleaner over to my house to help me “reset”. They had heard my cries about life with a baby, and how my wee house… View Post

Running and Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor
What impact does running have on your pelvic floor? And what impact does your pelvic floor have on your running? After I wrote about the “idea” of returning to running, I did indeed put one… View Post

WIN Tickets to The Baby Show

Baby Show Hamper
The Baby Show is back again, taking place at the ASB Showgrounds from 18 – 20 August 2017 – and I can’t wait. I went last year – and even though I was 5 months… View Post

Mum Blogging part two

Leah and Stella
Honestly – the words are in my head…but the mum blogging isn’t happening quite like I planned. The blog post topics constantly come into my brain in the strangest places – in the shower, while… View Post

Returning to Running

Body after baby
Running is something that I do. It’s been a strong part of my life for the past 6+ years, and even though I have had my ups and downs with it, it was part of… View Post

My Body After Baby – Waist Up

Body after baby
A few weeks ago I shared what my new body reality was – from the waist down. Continuing on, today I’m talking about my body after baby – from the waist up, and the weird… View Post