Six Weeks Pregnant

Six Weeks Pregnant
17 May *estimated 6 weeks – this will be confirmed at my dating scan. Today is the day of my dating scan and I have been unable to focus on anything else. I’m excited and… View Post

Five Weeks Pregnant

Five Weeks Pregnant
9 May *estimating I am 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. I’m basing that off my charts (which I don’t need to share with you, but the Glow app has been very helpful!) and temperatures (I… View Post

The Pregnant Diaries

Fifteen Weeks Pregnant
For the past 15 weeks I’ve been keeping weekly records of what’s been happening – physically and emotionally, as well as significant events and milestones. When I found out I was preggers, I was a… View Post

The Next Topp Adventure

Thanks for all your congratulatory messages! It’s been a secret I have been wanting to share for a long time, so it feels good to come clean! Today I wanted to share my “diary” posts… View Post

The Run Down: Sole foot beds

Sole Footbeds
I switched to running in Adidas Boosts in 2014 – after semi-blaming my fugly New Balances for my injury leading up to Paris Marathon. I went for the sequence supernovas, and sized up a full… View Post

Team Naturally Run…NZ?

Spitfire Scramble
So I’ve been thinking a wee bit about running and community lately. What’s been missing in my running really is my lack of community. In London I was surrounded by fabulous running buds, there was… View Post